VP Helm

The Veranda Luxury Pontoons VP Series truly is the perfect fusion of comfort, style, and craftsmanship. This video segment will get you better acquainted with the helm used on all VP Series luxury pontoons including the RCT (rear chaise tower), RC (rear chaise), RFL (rear facing lounge), VLB (Versa Lounge Bench), and VLC (Versa Lounge Captain’s Chair). 

As you approach the helm, located midship on the starboard side, you will notice that the sport-design console has several storage compartments on it.

To open the storage compartments, you must push the round chrome button in and a knob will pop out. Twisting the knob will unlock the door allowing you to open it up. The top compartment is called the glove box and is ideal for storing your Simrad cover, car keys, phones, valuable, or even a bottle of sunblock. The larger compartment below it is a tilt-out trash receptacle. The trash container can be easily removed as needed.  

The console and “Hise Rise” hydraulic helm chair sit on top of the sport-design elevated helm with a SeaDek-lined platform and RGB lighting. Several small chrome LED lights to line the platform, are controlled on the dash, and help illuminate the midship flooring. The SeaDek lined platform provides a cushion and does not absorb heat even on the warmest of days.  

Refer to our separate video on adjusting your chair.

The VP Series comes standard with an Infinity Bluetooth Stereo, however, you may have upgraded to the JL High Output Audio Stereo Package. Please refer to the separate videos on how to use each.

Underneath the stereo, you will notice a USB port with a rubber cap over it that contains two USB charging ports.

Refer to our separate video on how to use your Simrad GO7 chart plotter, located in the center of the dash. 

The 3-spoke designer steering wheel extends out towards the captain and can be adjusted by lifting the level underneath the steering wheel column. All VP Series is equipped with UFlex Hydraulic Tilt Steering, however, you may have upgraded to Power Assist Hydraulic Steering. If that is the case, please refer to the separate video for instructions on using it.  

Note the small, black plastic cap with a chrome ring around it further up on the dashboard beside the windshield. This is the hydraulic steering fluid reservoir, should you need to replenish its supply that is used in conjunction with the UFlex Hydraulic Tilt Steering. If you opted for the Power Assist Hydraulic Steering, your fluid reservoir and pump will be located in the aft section of your boat, underneath one of the seat cushions. 

To the right of the steering wheel is a series of black toggle switches that control various functions on your VP Series Veranda. Understanding what each does will allow for proper, safe use of the vessel.  

From left to right: 

  • POWER turns on the boat’s electrical system.
  • NAV turns on the green and red navigational lights on the bow.
  • ANCH turns on the white navigational bimini light.
  • DOCK LTS turns on the LED headlights located on bow panels and should only be used when docking, not while operating.
  • CTSY LTS turns on the bimini anchor light.
  • BILGE manually turns on the bilge pump, located inside the center toon in-floor storage compartment. 
  • HORN will sound the horn, located under the bow deck.  
  • UP BIMINI DOWN controls the powered bimini. Refer to our separate video on how to use your powered bimini for instructions on how to operate this on your VP Series. 

The round DIMMER knob controls the intensity of the lighting on the console.

Refer to our separate video on how to use the in-dash RGB lighting controller, which is located to the right of the steering wheel column.

Lower down on the right side of the dash is a wireless phone charger, which can be used to charge a smartphone while on board.  

The toggle switch labeled COOLER controls the helm-mounted refrigerated cup holder, located on the right side of the captain’s chair, keeping your beverage cold all day long. 

Underneath that switch, you will find two additional USB ports. The one on the left contains two USB charging ports. The one on the right contains one USB charging port and one AUX port. 

To the far right of the dash, you’ll see a storage compartment lid. If you push the round chrome button a knob will pop out, that when twisted, will unlock the lid allowing you to open it up. This is the water-resistant storage area ideal for storing a pair of shades, phone, wallet, or car keys. 

The Yamaha ignition key switch and throttle are located on the starboard side of the helm. Please refer to the separate video on how to operate each.

Lastly, the fuse box on all VP Series is located on the forward side of the console by lifting up the starboard bow chaise backrest. 

You now have a thorough understanding of the various components that make up the helm and what each does. We value your time and investment in a Veranda Luxury Pontoon. See you on the water!

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit www.verandamarine.com.