Pontoon Trailer


Veranda Luxury Pontoons proudly offers an industry superior all-aluminum, all-welded trailer. Backtrack® Trailers are as attractive as they are rugged. Each trailer is custom built to cradle your Veranda with treated bunks to ensure that your pontoon is transported safely and securely. To customize your trailer you can add optional features like a spare tire with mount, brakes on the second axle of the tandem, and aluminum wheels. LED lighting and composite bunk covers are standard. Backtrack Trailers are designed exclusively for Veranda Luxury Pontoons and are second to none in quality, craftsmanship, and durability.


  • 22’ 2×4 Aluminum Frame Trailer
  • 25’ HDF 2×6 Aluminum Frame Trailer
  • 13” Aluminum Wheels w/Radial Tires
  • Vortex Hubs
  • Boarding Ladder w/Composite Bunk Guide and Winch Stand
  • LED Lighting
  • 5-way Flat Connector for Trailer Light
  • Composite Bunk Covers
  • Safety Chains & Hooks
  • Tongue Stand
  • Transom Straps
  • 2” Ball


  • Aluminum Spare Tire and Mount
  • Brakes on Second Axle of Tandem
  • Spare Tire and Mount


  • 100,000 mile lubrication system
  • Lithium complex fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors, high pressure additives provides a hight degree of water resistance and washout properties
  • 100,000 mile or 6 year limited warranty (no extra cost)
  • NO TOUCH lubrication system
  • No need for periodic re-greasing or inspection
  • Reusable dust cap is threaded for easy removal should the need occur

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