Privacy Room

It’s inevitable that at some point while you are out on the water someone will need some privacy to use the restroom or change clothes, both of which can quickly lower the fun factor if you have to run back to the ramp or find a marina. The privacy room, included on all Veranda Luxury Pontoons is the solution to remaining out on the lake. 

Available on all VP, Vertex, Relax, and most Fish Series, this standard feature is deployed by lifting up on the handle located along the floor near the port entry gate. Once the panel opens up vertically, you need to pull the black strap downward to release the top support bar, which will fold out towards you until it’s horizontal. Now all you have to do is fold out the canvas material for use. The flap can be snapped closed by the user inside. 

A portable camp toilet could be purchased from most major marine suppliers. 

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