Ratchet Cover


It is truly an honor to have you as a Veranda Luxury Pontoons customer and it is our intent to ensure you reap the utmost benefits from your investment. One of the easiest ways to protect your investment is our custom ratchet cover, designed to keep the interior clean and dry from exposure to the elements. Please note that installation and removal of the ratchet cover are much easier when done with two people and from outside the pontoon, but can be done from within the pontoon working from one end to the other. Please follow these steps to ensure the proper installation of your ratchet cover.

  • Remove the playpen cover from the storage bag.
  • Place the playpen cover and poles on the starboard side of the main walkway, so they will not make a trip hazard. 
  • Grab the cover and stretch it out to the length of the pontoon. Have one person stand on the bow and the other toward the stern, unfold, and lay the playpen cover out so that the ratchet, located inside a zipper pocket, is positioned at the stern. Your cover may have a white tag with “Forward Center” written on it. If so, position this part of the cover at the bow end. 
  • Starting with the starboard side, place the cover over the edge of the seats so it hangs down the entire side of the fence. It’s helpful to begin on this side because the helm and windshield help to hold the cover in place during setup. You may need to step onto the stern and bow swim decks to stretch it out fully.
  • On Relax and Fish Series, someone will need to open up the velcro pocket, slip it over the bimini mount bracket and trailer leg and then secure it on the side hanging down. You do not have to do this step for models with a powered bimini, such as our VP and Vertex Series since the cover will lay over the top of the entire bimini.
  • Next, grab the corner straps and wrap each around the bow and stern cleat horns on the starboard side.
  • Now repeat this same process on the port side, placing the cover over the edge of the seats, securing the velcro pocket around the bimini mount bracket and trailer leg on Relax and Fish Series, and wrapping the corner straps around the bow and stern cleat horns on the port side, until all four corners are attached. 
  • If you are unable to install the cover from outside your pontoon, you will want to work from one end to the other until the entire cover is secured over the interior.
  • The next step involves setting up the support poles under the cover, which helps to keep rainwater and leaves from settling on the cover. Your cover will have 4-5 telescoping support poles depending upon the length and model of your pontoon. Be sure to grab a flashlight or your smartphone so you can see what you are doing under there.
  • Starting on one end of the pontoon, you will need to open up the cam lock and extend the top section of the extension pole into the base plate on the underside of the cover. Extend the pole until it’s snug again the cover and floor then close the cam lock. Repeat this process for each support pole.  
  • If you have never used a ratchet before, then pay attention to this next segment: Close the ratchet mechanism, run the bitter end of the strap through the slot in the windlass, that is the opening in the center, and pull the strap back in the direction it entered until it is taut. Now with your other hand, grab the ratchet handle and open it up and close it to tighten the strap. The spring-loaded dog will begin to catch the rotation of the windless, holding the load. To release the ratchet, pull and disengage the clutch lever and lift the ratchet handle straight to free up the strap. Please note, if you do not render most of the webbing away from the load before you tighten it, it will create a big wad of webbing on the mechanism and prevent it from working efficiently. 
  • On the stern swim deck, unzip the pocket to access the ratchet, crank on the handle of the mechanism one to two times until the cover is tightly secured around the entire fence.
  • Get under the cover, close the rear entry gate, crawl to the bow and exit the pontoon, zipping the cover closed as you leave. 

To remove the ratchet cover on your Veranda you will need to do the following:

  • First of all, you will need to grab a flashlight, crawl under the cover and remove the telescoping support poles.
  • Next, release the load on the ratchet located on the stern to loosen the webbing on the cover.
  • Remove the straps from the four corner cleat horns.
  • Preferably with the help of another person, you will want to fold the cover hanging down the side over towards the center the long way. For Relax and Fish Series, you will need to open up the velcro pocket to free it from the bimini mount bracket and trailer leg. 
  • Fold up 1/3 of the outer section onto the center then fold other outside 1/3 onto the center.
  • Now lay the folded cover on the center walkway and beginning at one end, roll the cover up. Be sure to place the support poles which you have lowered to the shortest length, inside the cover as you roll it up.  
  • Put the cover in the storage bag and stow it in one of the rear storage compartments, not in the in-floor storage.


This is a mooring cover and should not be used during trailering. Always remove the cover before trailering. To prevent damage, mold, and odor, do not store the cover in the in-floor storage area, rather stow it under one of the rear seats. For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit www.tumacscovers.com or www.taylormadeproducts.com.