Panels & Rails

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The beautiful powder-coated rails offered on all Veranda Luxury Pontoons are fabricated in our sub-assembly department in Malvern, Arkansas. The individual rails are built per order.

The rail pieces are cut out of 1” tube aluminum, welded on jigs to form the fence sections, and then sent offsite for powder coat paint. Customers can choose from black, copper, gray, silver, or white. 

Choose from black, copper, gray, silver, or white.

Once we get the fence sections back, the corners are bent to form the curve of the interior furniture, and 0.40 gauge thick aluminum panels for strength and durability, are inserted into each section of rails, crimped in place, and riveted for added structural soundness and to reduce vibrations when running. Available metallic fence panel colors include burgundy, bronze, champagne, black, indigo blue, pearl white, and charcoal. 

Metallic fence panel colors include burgundy, bronze, champagne, black, indigo blue, pearl white, and charcoal.

The combination of panel color and powder-coated rails gives personality to your Veranda Luxury Pontoons. The fence design varies based upon the series you purchased, but the same sound construction process is applied to all to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. The new Relax/Fish Series Refresh introduced in 2021 brought about a more stylish, sweeping look to the rails, and added the opportunity to further customize your pontoon with the all-new 2-tone fence panels, which placed black panels on the aft fence and color of your choice running from midship to the forward area of the fencing.

Our VP and Vertex Series include stainless steel inserts on the side panels and front gate.

Another new enhancement introduced in 2021 was the  Versa Lounge exterior styling, available on VP, Vertex, and Relax Series. The new style includes a sweeping aft top rail design and provides improved aft visibility due to the lower overall fence height and plexiglass insert with an etched Veranda Luxury Pontoons logo.  

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