Shadow-Caster Lighting Controller (2021 Relax & Fish Series Deluxe Package)

The Shadow-Caster multi-zone lighting controller comes standard on the 2021 Relax and Fish Series with the deluxe package. This feature provides easy lighting control functionality including RGBW, zone control, multiple fade mode changes, brightness in each zone, and music sync. The RGB LTS toggle switch is located on the right side of the dash. 

  • ON – Press RGB LTS to power on the RGB lights. The lights will slowly ramp up to full bright white.
  • COLOR SCROLL – A quick press and release on the RGB LTS will start color scroll. A subsequent quick press and release will stop on the current color.
  • BRIGHTNESS CONTROL – Press and hold RGB LTS and the lights will step down in brightness. Release the button when the desired brightness is achieved. Press and hold again to increase brightness.
  • INCREMENTAL COLOR STEP – Clicking RGB LTS repeatedly will step between discrete colors.
  • OFF – Press RGB LTS to power on the RGB lights.

Please note that by law, you are required to display appropriate navigational lights at night or during times of reduced visibility. No other lights can be displayed at this time, nor any that impair the visibility or distinctive character of navigation lights, or interfere with the keeping of a proper lookout. Please check with your local authority on whether or not your underdeck or underwater lighting can be used at these times. Refer to the separate video on navigational lights for more information. 

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit