Vista View Clip Cover

We are thrilled that you have chosen the Veranda Luxury Pontoons Vista View Series. With proper care and maintenance, you will be able to maximize the benefits from your hard-earned investment for many boating seasons to come. Using the provided clip cover on your Vista View will help keep the interior clean, dry and reduce exposure to the elements. Installation and removal of this cover are much easier when done with another person to assist you versus being alone. Here are the steps you will need to properly install the clip cover on your Vista View. 

  • Remove the playpen cover from the storage bag.
  • Place the playpen cover and poles to the side of the main walkway, so they will not make a trip hazard. 
  • Have one person stand on the bow and the other toward the stern, unfold, and stretch the playpen until it is fully open. Your cover may have a white tag with “Forward Center” written on it. If so, position this part of the cover at the bow end.
  • Starting with the starboard side, place the cover over the edge of the seats so it hangs down the entire side of the fence. It’s helpful to begin on this side because the helm and windshield help to hold the cover in place during setup. Be sure to line up the cutouts along the side of the cover for the bimini mount bracket and trailer leg. You may need to step onto the stern and bow swim decks to stretch it out fully.
  • Please note that there are no velcro side pockets on the Vista View clip cover.
  • Next, insert the bottom of the plastic clip into the groove located on the underside of the top rail. Work your way around from stern to bow or whatever is most convenient, based upon whether you are moored at a marina or standing on the ground beside your pontoon on the trailer. You will find that working from outside the pontoon is much easier.   
  • Repeat the same steps on the other side of the pontoon until all the clips are secured.   
  • The next step involves setting up the four support poles under the cover, which helps to keep rainwater and leaves from settling on the cover. Be sure to grab a flashlight or your smartphone so you can see what you are doing under there.
  • Starting on one end of the pontoon, you will need to open up the cam lock and extend the top section of the extension pole into the base plate on the underside of the cover. Extend the pole until it’s snug again the cover and floor then close the cam lock. Repeat this process for each support pole.  
  • Once the pole is secured in place, exit the pontoon and close the gates.

To remove the clip cover on your Vista View you will need to do the following:

  • Grab a flashlight or your smartphone, open the bow entry gate, crawl under to cover, and lower the extension poles.
  • Remove poles.
  • Starting with the starboard side, fold 1/3 of the edge of the starboard side over onto the middle and then repeat on the port side, so it has 3 layers of material and two folds.
  • Put the cover in the storage bag and place it under one of the rear seats.


This is a mooring cover and should not be used during trailering. Always remove the cover before trailering and stow it under one of the rear seats. Vista View owners can also upgrade to a ratchet cover for an additional cost, whether during your initial purchase or afterward from your local dealer. For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit or