Performance Personified

Every single model that rolls off the assembly line at Veranda Luxury Pontoons comes standard with a triple-toon Performance Package, which includes hydraulic tilt steering, full-length lifting strakes and our integrated performance motor pod. The trio of components provides exceptional performance including greater capacity, increased horsepower capability, increased lift, less resistance, better maneuverability, and higher speed.

  1. Integrated Wave Shield
  2. 25” or 27” Diameter Pontoons
  3. Industry Leading 0.100 Gauge Pontoon Tubes
  4. Full-Length Lifting Strakes
  5. Patented All-Welded All-Aluminum Interlocking Deck System
  6. Full-Length Keel
  7. Integrated VLP Performance Motor Pod
  8. Hydraulic Steering
Triple-Toon Performance Packages

Greater Passenger Capacity

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Triple-Toon Performance Packages are available with 25” or 27” diameter pontoons.  These larger diameter pontoons will carry more of your friends and family.  20’ triple-toons carry 11 people, 22’ options carry 13 passengers, and 25’ options can safely handle up to 15 passengers, so you won’t have to leave anyone at the dock.

Greater Running Surface

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Triple-Toon Performance Packages in combination with VLP’s integrated wave shield design, reduce water resistance, putting your Veranda ahead of the competition in speed, fuel efficiency, and ride quality.

Greater Horsepower

The Integrated VLP Motor Pod with High Horsepower Package is designed to carry the larger horsepower engines you have been wanting. So, you can equip your luxury Veranda with up to a 425 horsepower V8 5.5 L engine.

Exceptional Speed

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Triple-Toon Performance Packages combined with our Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System ensure you will be out in front of the pack.  Don’t just take our word for it, schedule your test drive today by contacting your nearest dealer.

Greater Manuverability

Veranda Luxury Pontoons Triple-Toon Performance Packages are equipped with hydraulic tilt steering and can be upgraded to power steering, making handling the tightest of turns easy for any member of the family.

See What Recent Buyers Have to Say

“My wife and I purchased the 2013 Veranda 2275 Relax and we are totally satisfied. The way the boat is made, with the all-aluminum deck and under carriage sold us on this pontoon. The operation of the Veranda is extremely quiet and very smooth, with superb ease of handling. We couldn’t be happier!”

“Being a boater most of my life, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a new pontoon. Luckily, a friend suggested that I test drive a Veranda prior to my purchase. The dealer, Boat Sales of Lake Wylie, did not have the 200 HP motor that I was really adamant about. After the test drive I was sold! I purchased the 2275 Relax tri-toon with the 150 Yamaha. The 150 gave me the same performance and power in the same size boat I was going to purchase with a 200. I was able to save on my purchase and continue to save at the pump. Thank you Veranda!”

“After months of research, visiting boat shows and shopping around we purchased a Veranda V25RFL outfitted with a Yamaha 250 SHO from Greeson’s in July 2012. We spent every weekend for the rest of the summer having a blast on the lake. We could have not made a better choice on quality, looks, and performance. The V25RFL has plenty of room for family and friends. The triple-toon design with the lifting strakes makes the ride very smooth. The Seastar hydraulic steering makes turning a piece of cake, and the power…WOW! The 250 SHO makes pulling multiple tubes or skiers feel like you are in a ski boat…not a pontoon. We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase. We are looking forward to many more years enjoying our Veranda!”

“I recently bought a new Veranda Triple-Toon for my wife and can’t say enough good things about it! It’s beautiful and runs 50+ mph as smooth a ride as you could ever imagine with the 250 Yamaha SHO. We shopped several brands, but felt the Veranda was the best option, especially with it’s all metal design. The standard features are awesome. We didn’t have to customize anything. We’re very pleased with the quality of the carpet and upholstery and the sound system is amazing. They’ve thought of everything! Veranda reps were very responsive to questions and made the buying process incredibly easy and enjoyable. We’re proud we chose Veranda and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for the best pontoon boat money can buy!”

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