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Welding mask, work gloves, and mig torchWHAT IS THE VERANDA DIFFERENCE?

Veranda Luxury Pontoons understand that not all boats are created and built the same, which is why we developed the “Veranda Difference.” Toggle below to view each of the 11 different components relating to our construction techniques that culminate in the best foundation in the business. A lifetime of enjoyment awaits!

happy couple on pontoon

Our competitor’s plywood decks are void of moisture, rot, and mold at the time of purchase, but are a ticking time bomb. Exposure to the sun’s UV rays, weather, and moisture deteriorates the plywood which allows it to absorb countless gallons of water that starts the rotting process which separates and invites mold to grow. Ultimately, this cycle of deterioration forces owners to either invest more money into the same pontoon to re-deck it or sell it and purchase a newer vessel. Our patented all-aluminum, all-welded, interlocking deck system firmly revolutionized how luxury pontoons decks are built. It’s the most durable platform in the industry. Our no wood, not rot construction guarantee means you don’t have to worry about the construction of your Veranda while you enjoy your investment for years to come.

extruded aluminum planks

Unlike our competitors who use plywood or composite materials for their decking, Veranda relies upon aluminum planks, which are both lighter and stronger. Veranda’s patented 2×6 aluminum planks are extruded, creating hollow chambers that reduce weight and allow for the movement of air, which accelerates cooling, keeping your deck surface cool even during the hottest summer months. The extruded aluminum planks are interlocked and welded directly to industry-leading full-length m-brackets. Studies found temperatures on our Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System were over 15 degrees cooler than our competitor’s decks, which your feet will surely appreciate. 

side of pontoon

While others in the industry build thinner gauge material, our 25” and 27” diameter pontoon logs come standard with 0.100-gauge tubes, with rough water and high-performance horsepower packages also available. Veranda Luxury Pontoons use round pontoons because they are the strongest shape that aluminum can be formed giving our customers the best product possible. The symmetrical design means the diameter stays the same regardless of where you measure it. The larger diameter tubes that we use provide additional flotation and allow for more capacity on top, so you don’t have to leave anyone back on the shore. Every toon we build includes full-length lifting strakes and keels. 

M-braket underneath a pontoon deck

M-brackets are the saddle between the logs below and the deck above. Most of our competitor’s M-brackets do not run the full length of the log and are open on the ends, allowing additional moisture to access the deck above, adding weight and reducing performance. Veranda Luxury Pontoons installs full-length M-brackets for increased support, plus the ends are capped off, to keep water from entering the space, and to ensure optimal performance. 

worker welding m-bracket to deck

Most of our competitors have protruding cross members between the tops of the logs and the underside of the plywood decking, which increase drag and noise. There are a few pontoon manufacturers who will lay thin aluminum sheeting over the cross members, but this traps moisture that accelerates the molding process of the plywood. The smooth surface on the bottom of our Patented, All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System that we refer to as our integrated wave shield not only reduces drag, but it eliminates surging.  

ladder mounted to aluminum deckDid you know that a vast majority of pontoon manufacturers in the industry use plywood decking? They drill holes through it to run bolts, which does not constitute a stronger foundation, it just puts a bigger hole in a porous substrate. Veranda Luxury Pontoons feels that you deserve the assurance that you are purchasing the best for your investment. The Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded, Interlocking Deck System creates a solid foundation that eliminates flex and noise often seen on the competition’s screw-together decks. It also provides a durable infrastructure ideal for installing railing, seats, and other components. 

wood-free seat base

Contrary to what other boat manufacturers do, Veranda Luxury Pontoons uses rotational molded wood-free seat bases due to their superior strength and weather resistance. You can rest at ease knowing that all of our furniture is wood-free, so you will never have to worry about replacing the seats due to rotting wood. The seat bases provide increased storage underneath that as any boater can tell you, is always helpful. The top of the seat bases has molded drain channels that extend the life of your pontoons flooring by allowing water to escape.

side panels on a Veranda

Did you know Veranda has a .040 fence panel thickness versus the industry standard of .032 or even less? We chose to use thick aluminum panels for strength and durability. The panels are inserted into each section of rails, crimped in place, and riveted for added structural soundness to reduce vibrations when running. Available metallic fence panel colors include burgundy, bronze, champagne, black, indigo blue, pearl white, and charcoal. The fence design varies based on the series you purchased, but the same sound construction process is applied to all to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment. The Relax and Fish Series refresh introduced in 2021 brought about a more stylish, sweeping look to the rails, and added the opportunity to further customize your pontoon with the all-new 2-tone fence panels, which placed black panels on the aft fence and the color of your choice running from midship to the forward area of the fencing. The combination of panel color and powder-coated rails gives personality to your Veranda Luxury Pontoons. 

reading warranty info on a web page

We believe that our Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System is superior to all other pontoon manufacturers in the industry and offers you a lifetime guarantee on the decking, plus an extensive network of friendly dealers across the nation to provide sales and service when needed. Veranda’s warranty on 2021 models and prior carry a 1-year Limited Bow to Stern Warranty. There is also a 5-Year Warranty on the furniture vinyl and carpet against fading. Veranda’s warranty on 2022 models forward carries a 3-year Limited Bow to Stern Warranty. All year models carry the Limited Lifetime Structural Warranty on the deck down, which is our no-rot guarantee to you. The 1-Year Limited Warranty is non-transferable. The Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferable within the first 5 years of the original purchase date of the original owner. The 3-Year Limited Warranty is transferable to the second owner if it is within the first 3 years of the original date of purchase by the original owner. The remainder of the 3-Year Warranty will be transferred to the second owner. A Limited Lifetime Warranty is also transferable to the second owner within the first 3 years of the original date of purchase by the original owner.

Yamaha 250 SHO on back of a pontoon

Unlike some of our competitors, Veranda Luxury Pontoons has exclusively chosen Yamaha Outboards to complement its diverse lineup of boats. This alliance ensures that our riggers will consistently have the motors they need to get the boats done and into customers, hands fast. An additional advantage to hanging only Yamaha Outboards is consistency in production which translates to better end results. Whether it be an afternoon cruise with the family or friends or trying to catch a fish of a lifetime, Yamaha Outboards will give you the turnkey reliability and efficiency you deserve. Luxury, performance, and quality coupled with a lifetime of enjoyment equals the right motor, right boat, and right decision.

loading a pontoon onto a trailer

While other pontoon companies outsource their trailers, Veranda Luxury Pontoons proudly offers BackTrack Trailers. Our industry-superior, all-aluminum, all-welded trailers are assembled in-house and are as attractive as they are rugged. Each trailer is custom-built to cradle your Veranda with treated bunks to ensure that your pontoon is transported safely and securely. To customize your trailer, you can add optional features like a spare tire with mount, brakes on the second axle of the tandem, and aluminum wheels. LED lighting, composite bunk covers, and Vortex Hubs. The trailers are designed exclusively for Veranda Luxury Pontoons and are second to none in quality, craftsmanship, and durability. 

Would you build your dream home on an unstable foundation that will fail or the most secure platform in the industry? The choice is clear. From the industry-leading 0.100 gauge pontoon tubes and Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System up to the wood-free seat bases and thicker fence panels above on back to the exclusive partnership that we share with Yamaha, the “Veranda Difference” provides a lifetime of enjoyment. Head to the testimonies page if you would like to read why our customers chose Veranda Luxury Pontoons over our competitors. Confidence, elegance, and performance are just around the corner. If you are ready to trust in three generations of marine industry experience and invest in the best then we would love to welcome you to the Veranda Luxury Pontoons family!

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