Shadow-Caster In-Dash Lighting Controller (VP & Vertex Series)


The Shadow-Caster in-dash multi-zone lighting controller comes standard on VP and Vertex Series. This feature provides easy lighting control functionality including RGB, zone control, multiple fade mode changes, brightness in each zone, and music sync. The Shadow-Caster remote keypad is located on the right side of the dash. 

Press the ALL button to power on the remote keypad.

Press the OFF button for two seconds to turn the remote keypad off.

If the remote keypad gets powered off and you would like to restore the setting you previously applied, just press the ALL button twice. 

To make adjustments to a specific zone, press the zone number, then press the desired adjustments. To apply to all zones, click the ALL button instead of a zone number. 

Zone 1 controls the under-deck lights.

Zone 2 controls the underwater lights.

 Zone 3 controls the mode lights inside the pontoon.

Zone 4 controls the speaker lights.

To turn zones off, select the desired zone or zones and press OFF.

To adjust the brightness of the lights, select the desired zone or zones and use the up and down arrow buttons. Press the up arrow button to increase the brightness of the lights or press the down arrow button to decrease the brightness of the lights.

The color index cycle on the Shadow-Caster starts with various shades of white, then transitions to reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, and purples.

To change the color of the lights, select the desired zone or zones and press one of the four-color buttons (white, red, green or blue) in the center of the keypad or press the left arrow to change to the previous color or right arrow to show the next color. 

An example, if you press the ALL button then the red, it will turn all zones red. 

If you were to press zones 1 and 3 and the blue, it would turn zones 1 and 3 blue. 

To change modes, press the MODE button in the lower right to cycle through the four available lighting effects:

Mode 1 is a single color fade, which will fade the selected color off and on. 

Mode 2 is a multi-color fade, which fades up and down and cycles between colors depending on the selected color sequence. This can be blue and white, or red, green, blue, and white OR all colors.  

Mode 3 is a multi-color change, which is the same color sequence as a multi-color fade but maintains the brightness on a color before fading to the next color. 

Mode 4 is strobe/flash, which flashes a specified color at a specified rate. To adjust the color of a mode, use the left or right arrow buttons. To adjust the rate, press and hold the MODE button and use either of the left or right arrow buttons at the same time.  

The Shadow-Caster in-dash multi-zone lighting controller offers music sync as well. To use this feature, select the desired zone or zones and press the SYNC button to activate music sync. There are three different music sync modes:

Music sync mode 1 is Full-Color Frequency, which uses different frequency ranges from the music to drive the intensity of different colors.

Music sync mode 2 is a single color amplitude, in which the brightness of the light is driven by different intensities of the music. Use the left and right arrows to select a single color.  

Music sync mode 3 is multi-color amplitude and is like the single color amplitude, but colors are rotating continuously.

To adjust the backlights of the controller, press and hold the ALL button and use either the up or down arrow buttons until the desired brightness is achieved. 

Once everything is configured as you wish, press the OFF button to save your settings. 

Please note that by law, you are required to display appropriate navigational lights at night or during times of reduced visibility. No other lights can be displayed at this time, nor any that impair the visibility or distinctive character of navigation lights, or interfere with the keeping of a proper lookout. Please check with your local authority on whether or not your under deck or underwater lighting can be used at these times. 

Refer to the separate video on navigational lights for more information. 

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit Shadow-Caster.