Powered Bimini

Your Veranda Luxury Pontoons powered bimini allows you and your passengers to enjoy longer days on the water by providing necessary shade from the sun or light rain. The standard size for the powered bimini is 9 feet, but you may have opted for the 11-foot upgrade to provide extra coverage from the elements. 

Standard Size: 9’

Options Upgrade Size: 11’

The first thing most boat owners do when they get onto their pontoon is to raise the bimini up from the flat storage position to 45 degrees, or radar position as we like to call it, which allows you and your passengers to access the aft and stern swim deck. Be sure to raise the bimini anchor light to an upright position if you are operating your pontoon in low-light conditions. 

The switch to operate the powered bimini on all VP and Vertex Series is located on the right side of the dash. Press and hold the button until it’s in the 45-degree radar position. If you wish to fully deploy the powered bimini, you will want to lower it back down to storage position, unzip and remove the cover, then press the “Up” again until it is completely deployed overhead.

Please be aware that on windy days you can damage the bimini frame, pontoon rails and even injure passengers when attempting to deploy the bimini. It’s also not recommended that you run the pontoon at high speeds with the bimini deployed as it will put unnecessary stress on the frame which will bend and damage it over time. 

When trailering, be sure to lock the two zippers together in the center of the cover with the clip to ensure it does not blow off when traveling and damage your bimini canvas or frame.  

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or for questions about the powered bimini go to www.ameritexdirect.com.