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VP25RCT Front


The VP Tower Series is the epitome of sport luxury with a perfect balance of pulling power, bow to stern style and best-in-class components.



Envision yourself cutting through the waves on your way to your favorite swimming spot in your Veranda VP Series.


The top, the apex, the peak defines Vertex and accurately describes our new series of luxury pontoons.

VR22RFL Deluxe Front


Relax is a name chosen to perfectly describe what this series of boats were designed to do for you. Whether it’s just you or a dozen people, just Relax.



Veranda’s Fishing Series is designed with the family fisherman in mind to give you ample room to spread out.

The Veranda difference is our patented all-aluminum, all-welded, interlocking deck system.

It’s the most durable platform in the industry, which provides enhanced performance and is built for a lifetime of enjoyment!

Veranda Luxury Pontoons are built to last a lifetime. Each model features an all aluminum, all welded interlocking deck system making it the most durable hull construction in the industry. Every Veranda pontoon is NMMA certified, meeting or exceeding strict quality and safety standards of the U.S. Coast Guard and the American Boat & Yacht Council.

  • Integrated Waveshield
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Splash Fins
  • Aluminum Interlocking Planks
  • Full-Length M-Brackets
  • Multi-Chambered and Pressure Tested Pontoons
  • Enclosed M-Deck Brackets

See What Recent Buyers Have to Say

“We purchased our first Veranda from Boat Sales of Lake Wylie in 2011 and this past April we traded up to my dream boat, a 2019 VP RFL with a 200HP Yamaha. I personally like the seat beside the captains seat, which I call a “princess” lounger. I decided this was better than a captains chair as I can stretch out and be able to have a conversation and our pup Miss Sailor fits beside me. The rear facing loungers are the most comfortable I’ve been on. You can rear face or turn around and still be a part of your company’s conversations. We enjoy sunsets on them on our dock. We utilize the table on front and back. There is so much storage and I love the arm rest on the front quilted seats. The lights are pretty fabulous too!  The boat rides so smooth and it is quality made. We really love Veranda!”

S. Fiehweg
“I have a lake house on High Rock Lake and happily invested in a 2018 Veranda 22 VP. There are so many outstanding features, such as the flooring, the interior seating, the performance of the motor, the amount of storage, the sound system and the lighting. The patented all-aluminum welded interlocking deck system (plus lifetime warranty) which prevents rotting and mold. The interior vinyl plush seating is very durable and relaxing. It holds 13 passengers comfortably and is a stress free enjoyment for all our guest. The performance and speed of the 175hp Yamaha motor, which can impressively hit 40+ mph. There is plenty of storage throughout the boat, under the floor board and under seats, to hold our towels, noodles, tubes and various items. The quality of the sound system is the best of the best, with the subwoofer, and enjoyable to all our guest while on the boat or in the water. Finally, the blue LED’s wrapped around the base of the pontoon that reflect into the water. It’s a neat feature to make the boat stand out and also helps other boaters to see us which is a good safety feature. I would highly recommend a Veranda and believe it was  a smart investment. I feel I got the most for my money for the quality received.”
J. Groce
“My family and I really enjoy our 2018 Veranda VF20-F4. It enables us to be out on the lake with friends relaxing and pulling the kids on the tube or spending the day fishing.  It comes with numerous amenities that provides worry free enjoyment. From never having to worry about wood rot thanks to the all aluminum construction to the large available storage compartments for stowing our gear, everything has its place.  The comfortable premium upholstered seats making clean up easy and hassle free.  The larger diameter pontoons providing a smooth ride even in the heaviest of chop.  The entire family has been more than happy with purchasing our Veranda Luxury Pontoon.  The only reason we would ever consider buying another pontoon is if we were to upgrade to a newer Veranda in the future!”
J. Smith

“Three things I like about my 2018 VP tri-toon is the ease of operation when we are launching at the ramp. I love the comfort of the seating. I have been on many boats and our seats are by far the most comfortable. When other people sit on them they don’t want to get back up. Finally, the craftsmanship and quality of the boat surpasses anything on the market.”

B. Wolschleger
“I have grown up on boats my whole life.  When looking to buy my first pontoon boat many things stood out on the Veranda.  The third pontoon stability, aluminum deck, rigid hardware and spacious design have worked out great. The overall quality made my buying decision much easier.  I look forward to making many memories on our boat!”
J. Adragna

“I did a lot of research when we got back in the market for a big pontoon boat with a sizable motor. We have had several throughout the years and I knew from previous pontoons what we wanted this time. First and most importantly, we wanted one that would dry fast and not mold the interior. Veranda, having an aluminum welded floor, no carpet and raised sides was the answer. We live right by a lake by and use the pontoon regularly. I have never had a mold issue with my 2016 Veranda 2275 RFL. The pontoon planes out at 15 mph and uses very little fuel. Our boat is outfitted with a Yamaha 150 and will run 40 mph with two people. First time out, we were beyond impressed! I polished the pontoons and sealed them with Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant. The Veranda interior is the most durable vinyl I have ever seen in a boat. Every time we head to the lake our two working dogs are with us and the interior shows no wear from their nails. Like I said, we are 100% satisfied and would recommend a Veranda to anybody looking for a SOLID, extremely well-built pontoon boat.”


W. Burk Jr.

“Three things I love about our 2018 VR22RC Veranda is the way it handles on rough water, all the space to keep things, and we love the ski bar for pulling our kids and there friends. Plus, the navigation and stereo are awesome! That Yamaha 175 SHO purrs like a kitten!  We bought the boat in September of 2018 and as of this past weekend we now have 160 hours on it. We are out every Saturday and Sunday, sometimes even Friday nights to fish!”

J. Lamothe

“I bought my 21’ Veranda tri-toon in the spring of 2017 and had previously done extensive research on other competing boat lines before my purchase. What I found was that there is no better value on the pontoon boat market.  Standard features in the Veranda line of boats coupled with their numerous accessories and boat models offered, make Veranda not only the best looking pontoon boat on the market, but an absolute pleasure to drive, while relaxing with family and friends.  I later found out that Veranda has also been making high end, quality, aluminum fishing and hunting boats for decades.  This was also important to me as I wanted to purchase a boat from a manufacturer that had a good reputation in the boating industry.  The comfort ride of the Veranda in rough waters amazes all of my friends as we cruise around the lake entertaining.  The sales and support staff from my local Veranda boat dealer, Advantage Boat Center, was another reason for my decision.  They have been friendly and helpful during the whole process of purchasing and maintaining my boat.  I would highly recommend purchasing a Veranda pontoon boat. Your family and friends will thank you for your decision!”

E. Webb
“I normally boat my 2016 V2275 Relax in the Chesapeake Bay and it has performed excellent over the course of three years. It handles really well in choppy conditions, takes on the waves nicely and has never been a rough ride. When the wind is blowing I have not had any trouble maneuvering the boat in to its slip. The seating is very comfortable and there is plenty of storage on it. All the passengers say that they love the seating. I like the pop up changing room. And the sound is great you can hear it from where ever you are on the boat. The ski tow bar is a lot of fun and the ladder is low enough for everyone to use. The manual bimini is easy to raise and lower too. I haven’t had any problems out of the boat or the Yamaha 115 SHO. It has always brought me and my passengers back safely. I love the all aluminum deck. The boat is holding up very well and I don’t plan on getting rid of it any time soon.”
J. Alexander
“My wife and I live on Lake Hamilton, which is very rough and gets a lot of traffic on the water. We decided to get our first pontoon boat and looked for something that caught our eye, but couldn’t find anything we liked that wasn’t $80K or more until we discovered Veranda Luxury Pontoons. We bought a 2018 22’ Relax RC and couldn’t believe the luxury plush seats, the quality sound system that lights up, the lighting down the side of the barge, underwater lights, elevated captains chair, and storage. The design of the boat was perfect and we love the performance we get out of our 175hp Yamaha SHO. We can pull two skiers or wake boarders with no problems. We can get where we want to as the boat will hit 43mph for us. It handles Lake Hamilton on its heaviest traffic days with no worries and provides a very comfortable ride! The tri-toon is the way to go! Did I mention all the lighting? Not to mention that Veranda ‘s come with a very nice custom cover and set of bumpers to match the boat. For the money, it’s the best value!”
S. Parsley

“Just want to say how much I’ve love owning my 2018 Veranda RCT. It rides smoothly across the water and with its Yamaha 250 HP outboard it does everything I wanted and mores. The wake tower option was great for a big family that still wanted to do water sports and be able to relax all day. I looked at every brand out there, but kept coming back to Veranda for two main reasons: first was the solid aluminum floor that I know will last a lifetime and second was that it was manufactured in the Arkansas, where I live. It make’s me me proud to support a local business.”

E. Scroggins

“We purchased a 2018 Veranda VR22RC from Advantage Boat Center after attending the Atlanta Boat Show. The staff at Advantage was knowledgeable and helpful at every turn. They were able to answer all of my questions and help us build a boat that had the features we desired. We were boat shopping to replace a 20 year old deck boat that needed a new motor. It was time for an upgrade. I have attended the Atlanta Boat Show for the last 8 years and I had a pretty good idea what I was looking for. I have friends who own tri-toons and have been on the water with them. The “new” pontoons have changed the way I think about pontoon boats. After an extensive search, I found the only Veranda dealer at the show. All of the other pontoon manufacturers use “marine grade plywood” in the deck. They all offer a lifetime warranty. Many are clad with aluminum sheeting. Having had an older boat with a couple of “soft spots” in the flooring I was excited to see the construction of the Veranda product. The Veranda meets or exceeds my expectations. The interlocking aluminum floor allows enough flex to provide a smooth, dry ride even when pulling a tube. It will NEVER rot.  We increased the standard power with the 200HP Yamaha 4-stroke. All in all, I could not be more pleased with the engineering and layout of this boat. It does the job and it makes me look good while doing it. The only down side to it is that I might not ever need another boat.”

J. Eason

“I purchased my 2008 Veranda SE22 at the Chicago Boat Show. I have not had one problem with the boat and I receive many compliments on the style, color, and the graphics on the boat. One of the best features is that the boat has no wood in its construction, so I will never have to deal with rot. The upholstery is in excellent shape 11 years later. This is a boat that has quality craftsmanship. Veranda gets five stars and two thumbs up from this boat owner.”

P. Luckenbill

“It’s hard to list all the things I like about the boat, but here is an effort. What we like most about our 2017 Veranda V25RFL with a Yamaha 250 SHO is the room we have to take out all of our friends on a boat that has all the finishes we would expect to get in a boat that costs $20K more.  When we bought this boat we were down to it and a Harris, and when we did a side-by-side comparison, there was no comparison.  I could go on and on listing its features (upgraded seating, large ski-locker, automatic bimini, raised captain’s chair, absurd number of cup holders, rear loungers, Yamaha engine, hose-off flooring) but at the end of the day, it’s just a great boat.”

K. Tallant

“My wife and I love spending our weekends relaxing out on the emerald coast waters in and around Destin, Florida. The wood flooring in my previous owned ski boat began to rot out and I vowed to myself that I would never own another boat with a wood floor.  Through an online search I discovered that Veranda Luxury Pontoons offers a patented all-aluminum, inter-locking deck system that provides a lifetime of enjoyment, so in 2014 I purchased a VR22L from Shannon at Andalusia Marine and Powersports in Andalusia, AL. We were thoroughly impressed with the deck’s stability, the ease of maintenance especially since we boat exclusively in saltwater, as well as the comfortable seating and other features. Earlier this year we purchased a new black 2018 VR22RC and can’t be happier with the performance of the 115 Vmax SHO.  Between April and Labor Day, we spend almost every weekend out on the water enjoying time with family and friends by either cruising Choctawhatchee Bay watching dolphins or relaxing at Crab Island. I can say that I’ve received numerous compliments on both of my Verandas.  We are firm believers in the Veranda difference!”

M. Shelter

“We use the floating aluminum fortress called the Veranda Luxury Pontoons tri-toon.  This rig is punished year round whether on the lake, road, or while being stored in the cattle pen.  She has endured high speed trips across sandbars, numerous attempted stump re-location projects, countless dock sturdiness inspections, and an all-time favorite of mine; the rocky cliff abrasiveness test. She performs as well today as the day I bought her.  While everyone is at camp because the water is too rough for their fiberglass rigs, we are full throttle cutting donuts in the middle of the lake cause that is when the tubing is best.  We can haul 16 people and pull skiers at the same time.  It handles like a boat half its size and take rough water like a boat twice its size.  With the vast amount of real estate on board we can comfortably stay on the lake all day with 10 people, take our fishing and ski equipment on the same trip with all the storage, and entertain the infants to the elderly.  I have owned other rigs in my life but from now on I will never own anything else other than a Veranda Luxury Pontoons tri-toon, period.  Skiing, tubing, fishing, or high speed cruising; I can do it all.  I don’t worry about rotting, corrosion, or structural integrity; she is sound as the day I brought her home.  This is truly the do it all, take it all rig.”

J. Reynolds

“So far our experience with our 2018 VR22RCB pontoon, from sale to operation has been a good one. Operation of the vessel is fairly easy. Driving, controls and seating are good. I have a 150HP Yamaha motor and it seems to get me around with ease and has the power I’m looking for. The upholstery is easy to clean and care for. I’m really impressed with my pontoon and the  dealership (Carey and Sons Marine in Granbury, TX), who I purchased it from. No complaints, problems, or issues. I’m a satisfied customer.”

C. Hargrove

“My wife and I purchased a Veranda Relax and we are totally satisfied. The way the boat is made, with the all-aluminum deck and under carriage sold us on this pontoon. The operation of the Veranda is extremely quiet and very smooth, with superb ease of handling. We couldn’t be happier!”

C. Thompson

“Being a boater most of my life, I knew exactly what I was looking for in a new pontoon. I purchased the 2275 Relax tritoon with the 150 Yamaha. The 150 gave me the same performance and power as a 200. I saved on my purchase and continue to save at the pump. Thank you Veranda!”

R. Smith

“After months of research, visiting boat shows and shopping around we purchased a Veranda V25RFL outfitted with a Yamaha 250 SHO. The triple-toon design with the lifting strakes makes the ride very smooth, and the power…WOW!  We couldn’t be more pleased with our purchase.”

S. Hornbeck

“I recently bought a new Veranda Triple-Toon for my wife and can’t say enough good things about it! It’s beautiful and runs 50+ mph as smooth a ride as you could ever imagine with the 250 Yamaha SHO. We shopped several brands, and Veranda was the best option. The standard features are awesome. We didn’t have to customize anything. “

R. Wooten, M.D.

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