Versa Lounge

The Versa Lounge was an instant hit with Veranda customers such as yourself since its introduction in 2019. The 3-position full-length rear cabin port seat back with forward-facing, rear-facing, and full-recline options deliver ultimate entertainment and tranquilizing comfort, plus the ample storage space underneath is greatly appreciated. The Versa Lounge comes on both the Versa Lounge Bench (VLB) floor plan and Versa Lounge Captain’s Chair (VLC) floor plan. The difference between the two is that the VLB features a mid-cabin bench and portable ottoman with cupholders, while the VLC offers a port captain’s chair with a cup holder tower. Both floor plans are available on the VP, Vertex, and Relax Series.

VLB (Versa Lounge Bench)

VLC (Versa Lounge Captain’s Chair)

To change the position of the full-length rear cabin port seat back, kneel on the lounge, lift up on the seat back and then push it towards the stern for forward-facing, pull it towards the midship for rear-facing, or completely lay it down flat for full-recline.

To access the storage under the cushion closest to the midship reach under the front and lift it up. The two cushions further toward the stern have vinyl handles to help you lift them open. 

The portable ottoman with cupholders that are included with the VLB floor plan can be pulled away from the port side fence by tugging on the handle located on the seat base. Pull up on the vinyl handle to access the storage underneath.

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