Why Choose Veranda Luxury Pontoons?

Here are six great reasons why you should make your next pontoon a Veranda!


Veranda Luxury Pontoons uses the finest quality aluminum to produce each pontoon boat deck ensuring a lifetime of trouble free fun. All aluminum is a great way to say, NO WOOD and NO ROT. Veranda’s patented aluminum planks are extruded, creating hollow chambers inside that reduce weight and allow for aeration of the deck surface keeping it cooler during hot summer months. After the 2×6 planks are interlocked, they are welded directly to brackets that run the full length of each pontoon. This uni-body style construction creates a solid foundation that eliminates flex and noise often seen on the competition’s screw together decks. We believe that our All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System is superior to all other pontoon manufacturers in the industry and offers you a lifetime guarantee on the decking. Click here for additional information about construction.


Allow us the pleasure of totally redefining what pontoon performance means. Long gone are the days of the crawling party barge of your grandparents era. Every single model that rolls off the assembly line at Veranda Luxury Pontoons comes standard with a triple-toon Performance Package, which includes hydraulic tilt steering, full-length lifting strakes and our integrated performance motor pod. The trio of components provides exceptional performance including greater capacity, increased horsepower capability, increased lift, less resistance, better maneuverability, and higher speed. You can be assured that your Veranda is maximizing your boating investment. Veranda Luxury Pontoons gives you the quality, performance and features you demand. All you have to do is add water. Flip to pages 6-7 in this catalog for additional information about performance. Click here for additional information about performance.


With Veranda, you’ll experience the elegance, beauty and confidence of knowing you have chosen the finest deck system in the industry with exquisite best-in-class components, durable marine grade vinyl, polyurethane foam seating, and the reliability of Yamaha Outboards. Veranda Luxury Pontoons guarantees its decks and seating to be wood-free, so the worries of your substructure rotting is a non-issue, a claim most, if not all other manufacturers cannot make. With the strength and security of the Patented All-Aluminum All-Welded Interlocking Deck System combined with the ultimate in styling, Veranda owners never have to choose between exhilarating performance and soothing relaxation. Your Veranda will generate decades of memories.


At Veranda Luxury Pontoons, your personal comfort is at the forefront of every decision we make. Our VP and Vertex Series each include a long impressive list of best-in-class standard features. We have intentionally gathered specific groupings of amenities into Base, Deluxe and Luxury Packages available on our Relax and Fish Series, which make your buying process easy and get you out of the dealership and onto the water faster. We also offer a robust list of optional features on all models to suit your specific need. Your passengers will never want to return to land once they’ve experience the premium pillow top seating available on the VP Series or the deep comfort of the lounges on the Vertex, Relax and Fish Series. All our wood-free marine-grade furniture, including the captain’s chairs, benches, and lounges, provides a deep level of comfort that will rejuvenate your body and leave you wanting more.

Square Footage

Some pontoon manufacturers round up the length of their boats to a nice and neat number which can be very misleading for a consumer, making them think it’s longer than it really is. At Veranda, you truly get what you pay for! The deck length listed on each model (20, 22 or 25 feet) is accurate. The overall length includes the deck length, plus the motor pod extending from the stern, but not the outboard. These measurements are important to know when considering a slip, storage or garage space. Our floorplans are designed to provide the maximum square footage of truly usable deck space for seating and storage, with an ideal area for the swim platform beyond the fence. Our Authorized Dealers will gladly help you determine the perfect series, model and size luxury pontoon to ensure you have a lifetime of enjoyment!


Your satisfaction is our pursuit and whether that means tubing behind the tower on a VP RCT or throwing a topwater bait in the early morning from a Fishing Series, Veranda Luxury Pontoons has you covered. Or perhaps your idea of an afternoon out on the water means beaching your Relax Series pontoon on a remote shore, cranking up some tunes and basking in the sun – well, you can do that as well. Add a ski tow bar or turbo swing tow bar and keep your watersport enthusiasts happy. Many Veranda Luxury Pontoons can be equipped with in-dash controlled RGB lighting. Color your world with underwater, underdeck and interior mood lighting. We provide a selection of Infinity, Clarion, and JL audio components including amplifiers, backlit cabin speakers and subwoofers to meet your musical taste and budget.

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