VP Arch Wakeboard Tower With Bimini

The VP Rear Chaise Tower is the perfect fusion of water sports excitement, sport luxury style, and pillow-top comfort. This video segment will educate you about how to properly set up the bimini on your wakeboard tower for a fun-filled day on the water. 

You must always have a bimini anchor light on when operating in low-light conditions. You will need to locate the bimini anchor light that attaches to the top of the wakeboard tower, standing on one of the helm seats flip the cap on top of the light base open, insert the light pole and twist the base to lock in place. 

The bimini that extends outward from the folding arch wakeboard tower requires some practice and patience to learn how to properly deploy and store. We suggest you learn how to do this on land before you head out on the water for the first time.

The bimini frame is secured to the wakeboard tower with two straps. You can set the frame into radar position by removing both straps and freeing the secured frame piping arm on each side by removing it from the bracket, so it is loose and hangs down. Next, grasp the pole with both hands, and with one hand press and hold the release button and gently extend the pole with both hands until it’s fully extended. 

Now turn the safety pin on the base of the stainless still socket lower down on the wakeboard tower. 

Repeat this same process step by step on the other side. Now grasp the center of the bimini and extend the frame outward toward the stern. While still holding the frame with one hand, use your other hand to secure the ball end of the hanging frame arm into the socket on the tower, once in place, turn the safety pin to lock it into the hardware. Repeat this on the other side. You may need to adjust the extension arm on both sides by pushing the release button and changing the length of the pole until the frame is fully supported and not loose or flopping around.

If you wish to fully deploy the bimini on your VP Rear Chaise Tower you need to locate the removable pieces of bimini poles that attach to the bow side of the folding wakeboard tower. They should be inside the center toon in-floor storage or underneath a seat. The extra bimini pieces need to be inserted into the holes located toward the top of the forward side of the folding arch wakeboard tower. 

Next, unzip, remove and stow the bimini cover. Next, unfold the canvas and stretch it over the top of the wakeboard tower, being sure that the bimini anchor light extends through the hole in the canvas. Continue to move the canvas toward the bow and pull it over the frame until it is seated securely. Now, move to the aft side of the tower and adjust the extension poles until the bimini canvas is firmly secure and not flopping around. 

Please note that the canvas on a new pontoon will still be tight, so you may need to pull downward on the frame to get the hinge to lock into the base. After the canvas has had time to stretch it will be easier to deploy.

Getting a second person to help with the deployment of the folding arch wakeboard tower with bimini will make for a much easier and enjoyable process.

Please be aware that on windy days you can damage the bimini frame, pontoon rails, and even injure passengers when attempting to deploy the bimini. It’s also not recommended that you run the pontoon at high speeds with the bimini deployed as it will put unnecessary stress on the frame which will bend and damage it over time.

When trailering, be sure to lock the two zippers together in the center of the cover with the clip to ensure it does not blow off when traveling and damage your bimini canvas or frame.  

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit www.verandamarine.com.