Dual Battery Harness With Switch

The dual battery harness with the switch is located on all Veranda Luxury Pontoons VP and Vertex Series in the aft underneath the seating or versa lounge. The harness secures both the starting battery and the accessories battery to the molded base with a polypropylene strap, making changing or replacing it quick and easy. Plus, it meets NMMA specs.

The relay allows for the charging of two independent battery banks, the starter battery, and the accessories battery, from a single charging source. When the voltage on the starter battery rises to a charged level, the relay engages allowing the second battery to charge. When charging stops and voltage falls, it will disengage, isolating the two batteries from each other. Dual sensing functionality enables the sensing of two battery banks, allowing two-way charging. 

The switch allows you to control where two isolated battery banks that can combine battery banks for emergency starting. 

OFF – When the white arrow on the red knob points to OFF it will not charge either battery. Use this setting when storing your pontoon. It is also recommended that you disconnect all battery terminals if you plan to store them for an extended period of time.

ON – When the white arrow on the red knob is pointed to ON, it connects house loads to the house battery and the engine to the engine battery. Both circuits are completely isolated. Basically, if you’re using your pontoon keep the switch ON.

COMBINE – If you’ve been beached or anchored for several hours with the motor off, using the audio system and lights and possibly the 12V outlet to inflate water toys, you may drain down your accessories battery, making starting the motor difficult. Just turn the white arrow on the red knob to COMBINE BATTERIES, to join the leads from both the starting battery and accessories batteries, allowing you to start your motor. Once the motor is cranked and running, be sure to switch back to ON to begin charging both batteries. 

For additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit www.verandamarine.com.