Clarion Audio System (Relax, Fish & Vista View Series)

The Clarion Audio System comes standard on all Veranda Relax and Fish Series with deluxe or base packages, along with the Vista View Series. This water-resistant receiver packs a lot of features into a compact design. You’ll enjoy AM/FM/WB radio, plus built-in Bluetooth that lets you stream music from your smartphone. You can also use the rear aux input for your music player to enjoy your favorite music.

Power/Source Button
The Power/Source button is located in the top, center of the receiver. 

  • Toggle to select the audio source (FM, AM, WB, Bluetooth, AUX)
  • Press and hold to power on or off

Volume Plus & Minus Buttons
The Volume plus and minus buttons adjust the volume level. 

Scan and Repeat Button
Under the display screen on the left is the Scan/Repeat button.

  • In tuner mode, press to preset scan.
  • In tuner mode, press and hold for auto memory store.

Backward Button
Moving further to the right is the Backward button.

  • In tuner mode, press to manually tune down.
  • In tune mode, press and hold for auto-tuning down.
  • In BT music mode – press for the previous track.

Pause/Play Button
The Pause/Play button is located in the bottom center on the receiver. 

  • In tuner mode, mute or unmute audio output.
  • In BT music mode, praise or play.

Band Button
The last button along the bottom is Band. 

  • In tuner mode, select tuner band.
  • Press and hold for sound to affect the setting.

The fuse for the unit is located behind the radio and can be accessed from inside the under-console storage.

Click here for more information about the GR10BT audio system from Clarion Marine, or for additional information please reach out to your nearest authorized Veranda dealer or visit