Starboard Pontoon Features

Our Starboard Pontoon Features video is coming soon. In the meantime, please see the script below.

Moving down a bit, you’ll see the aluminum end cap that separates the panels and rails above from the pontoon logs below. The end cap covers the open ends of the extruded all-aluminum 2×6 planks, which interlock together to form a tightly held solid block of aluminum substrate. They also provide a bumper for added protection when docking or tying to other boats on the water. 

Below the deck sits the full-length, enclosed M-brackets that join the deck to the pontoon logs. The M-brackets are capped and welded over to provide superior support and strength, eliminating stress caused by today’s large outboard motors. 

Take notice of the angled plate welded by the nose cone. This is called a spray fin and is used to direct water downward when the pontoon is not yet on plane, keeping passengers dry and comfortable. Optional side keels used to provide additional protection for the logs are attached to the outside of the starboard and port side log and run the entire length.

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