Veranda Luxury Pontoons

Perfect For Sport & Play

Here’s How to Get the Versatile, Affordable Pontoon Boat You’ve Always Wanted!

A pontoon is the most all-in-one sports boat. Big enough for a family, excellent for fishing, fast enough to waterski & wakeboard.

Your pontoon can come decked out or you can upgrade it over time. The best part is repairs are minimal and easy. With regular maintenance, your pontoon will last many years.

Perfect for you and your entire family. See you at the nearest dealership!

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Veranda Luxury Pontoons Are Good For Families AND Fishermen!


 Pontoons Sit On Top of the Water for a Smooth Ride

Gate & Fencing

Railing Prevents Unplanned Falls into the Water


Plenty of Room For Food & Supplies


Pontoons Last Many Years With Proper Care

Follow The Fish

Broad decks, plenty of seating, and lots of storage means you can spend more time out on the water doing what you love!

  • Broad Hull

    Get leverage to pull larger fish out of the water

  • Plenty of Room

    Bring the whole family out for an all-day fishing excursion.

  • Tech

    Is there some attractive tech that helps with fishing/navigating?

  • Performance

    Engine technology makes getting around at top speeds simple and fun.


Each Veranda model is available with the triple-pontoon performance package for those who have a need for big horsepower. The triple-toon nearly hovers on the water, cutting turns just as smoothly as V-Hull.

yamaha outboards

Yamaha Outboards

Yamaha outboards give you reliability plus speed. Not fast enough for you once the kids grow up? Our pontoons motors are easy to upgrade. Expect nothing but longevity, simple maintenance, and a high resale value from your Veranda pontoon.

Value Triple-Pontoon

The value triple-toon includes our large diameter center pontoon and our performance motor pod to give you increased handling and buoyancy without all the added cost.

100 Gauge Tube

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